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20 November, 2012@4:22 am

With less than two weeks until the November 27th release of Pac Div’s new album, GMB, the LA trio is excited to unveil their latest single “The Return.” Following their Kendrick Lamar and Blu-assisted track “Cross Trainers” last week, the guys are continuing their hometown collaboration trend with this song featuring Los Angeles rapper Ty$. The FADER has also taken a liking to Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung’s “The Return,” and premiered the track online today.

According to Pac Div, the LA hip-hop scene is experiencing it’s “second renaissance,” and they see themselves as part of this resurgence. “The main inspiration behind the song is stating the return of Pac Div and the return of LA’s reign in hip-hop and music in general,” explains Mibbs. “The song gives listeners a good feeling that Los Angeles hip-hop is, and will always be, in good hands.”

“The Return,” which has been in the works for almost two years, exudes a feel-good, West Coast summer vibe and brings listeners back to the classic Pac Div sound. Atop a powerful bassline, smooth piano samples, and pumping drums, the four LA brethren deliver a boatload of rhymes that reinforce the message of LA’s return to musical sovereignty. “Bottom line, Pac Div is back,” exclaims Mibbs. “LA is back. We never left. We just continue to get stronger with every release and that will never stop. It’s the return to the City of the Angels and Demons!”

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