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by Pizzo
19 December, 2012@6:56 pm

Dark, aggressive and almost exhibiting a life of its own, the Sound Boy Killa exposes a new side of DJ Muggs we have not seen before, although always expected. As if he is reconstructing the rules of dubstep, the much less hip/hop influenced EP, indulges in emotional and grinding overtones that while overly layered, still feel smooth and organic. It breaths through an unprecedented amount of experimentation existent between the tracks. “People of the Earth” for example showcase a synergy between dubstep and drum and bass while the lighter tracks like “Sound Clash Business” bring in an energy of Trap surrounded by more natural sounding percussion elements. Our favorite however, are the filthy wobbles that continuously flirt with the sporadic manipulation of vocal samples on “Drop the Beat”.

1. Sound Boy Killa
2. Different (Featuring Sunny Cheeba)
3. Sound Clash Busines
4. People Of The Earth
5. Stoned Raiders (6 Blocc Remix)
6. Drop the Beat

DJ Muggs – “Sound Bwoy Killa” [Free Download]

  Mixtape D.L.
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