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Part 3 of our interview with De La starts with Pos sharing that he first wanted to be a DJ before an MC because back then the DJ was the life of the party and the MC was just doing echoes. As the interview goes on, Dave says that he enjoys some Gangsta Rap like NWA but that when Gangsta Rap started talking over Hip Hop culture De La never felt pressured to follow in the footsteps. Pos continued saying that De La always fit in to a few different facets of the culture and that they could tour with LL Cool J and RunDMC and then go do a Fine Young Cannibals tour. Dave goes on to say that some of their most memorable song experiences were corroborating with different artists from the Beastie Boys, The Gorillaz, Chaka Khan to Teenage Fan Club to so many others. Before we let De La go we asked them that having seen what Tribe Called Quest went through with their documentary, would De La be open to doing a documentary themselves. You are going to have to watch the interview to hear what they had to say on this topic.

  Mixtape D.L.
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