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Duck Sauce has been missing-in-action for a minute, but the group has just launched, teasing the release of the new single and the upcoming album. The site takes you to a loop of a new track, with the title “Its You”, due June 25th, giving only a small taste of the sample used for the song.

A-Trak confirmed with us this morning that the album is indeed called Quack, as he revealed to us in our exclusive interview with him back in January of this year, which you can watch down below.

“There’s some Duck Sauce stuff ready to come out pretty soon that I think will surprise people”, A-Trak told our sister site, WeAllHitPlay.Com, in January. “In the sense that, people think that we’ll stick to the same style as the previous song.”

“When you think about it, with Duck Sauce, ‘Anyway’ was the disco house song, that defined us a disco house act, but every release after that was really quite different,” said A-Trak. “‘Barbra Striesand’ is just a funny loop, it’s not really disco… And then ‘Big Bad Wolf’ just underground Chicago house… or if anything, something that Armand would have put out on Nervous Records in 1994.”

“The next one coming up, soon in the new year, will be another sort of switch-up, where people will be like ‘Oh shit, you guys do this’?” A-Trak said of “Its You”.

As far as a release date, A-Trak told us today that the LP is still coming, but does not have a release date as of yet. In our January interview, he also explained the delays.

“It was about 90% done a year ago,” he revealed. “There’s a lot of sample clearances to deal with, but in the meantime, we got a bit impatient, so we made some new shit.”

Check out the interview below, and stay tuned for Quack, coming soon.

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