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5 July, 2013@4:33 pm

From the forthcoming album, The Electric Lady, due September 10th. Directed by Wendy Morgan.

This Emotion Picture is an excerpt from a larger short film named The Dance Apocalyptic, which is set in an alternate version of present-day America.

In this alternate universe, citizens wear Heart-Hats— birdcages on their heads, complete with colorful chirping birds.

This treasured custom of wearing Heart-Hats has lasted for centuries…

But as of late, the music of the electric lady Janelle Monáe has many fandroids questioning tradition, tossing their destroyed Heart-Hats into the streets, fighting conventional social norms and breaking out by any means necessary…

To make matters even more interesting…in the area of South Sweet Falls, in the home of the perfect housewife Lisa Cage, it seems the apocalypse is finally at hand…

Her son refuses to eat his peas.

Her daughter refuses to wear her Heart-Hat.

And is that a zombie on the front yard?

To read the entire the apocalyptic adventure click here:

  Mixtape D.L.
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