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Long-time collaborators The Grouch & Eligh, formerly of the Living Legends collective, have teamed up with electronic music sensation Pretty Lights for their new song and video “All These Lights”. Directed by Sean Michael Williams and Gus Winkelman and produced by Hubtuit, the video debuts a new technique called “lyric-lapsing.” Users of Vine may recognize similarities in the look and feel of the video, but G&E explain- “its much more than that, it’s a combination of stop motion and time lapsing techniques shot with our lyrics synced up simultaneously. For every second of video we did 24 takes, each take being slightly different from the previous. It’s difficult to explain but basically, you have to see it!” The collaboration was honed after the duo met Pretty Lights, a long-time G&E fan, in his home of Colorado. “We had a good rapport,” Grouch notes of meeting PL, and the trio united to challenge both of their core sounds. “All These Lights” is available for download via iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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