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This is chapter 1 of 3 of Kenna’s Imitation Is Suicide EP series, and it’s produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. The second volume will be with 9 of Hearts, the third with RJD2.

The Land 2 Air Chronicles II series is a continuation of the initial Land 2 Air Chronicles project released in late 2012. The second installment of KENNA’s three-part EP series is based on the Ralph Waldo Emerson essay “Self-Reliance.” In Imitation is Suicide (chapter 1 of 3), KENNA is stating the clear influences in his work to help define a musical compass while giving credit where credit is due.

“For me, this EP is about art and the influences that help shape my perspectives,” said KENNA. “You can definitely hear the Rick James, The Cure and David Byrne influences, but you will also see the Buggles, David Lynch, Hitchcock and Warhol references as well. I know they say imitation is flattery, but without acknowledging your influences I think ‘Imitation is Suicide.’ Inevitably.”

Co-produced by KENNA and N.E.R.D/The Neptune’s writer and producer Chad Hugo, Imitation is Suicide is an eclectic mix of various genres spotlighting alternative-leaning funk, R&B, and hip-hop meshed with moody electronics.

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