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Today, A-Plus and AAGEE are proud to release their album, Molly’s Dirty Water. Known for producing the seminal track “93 ’til Infinity,” A-Plus branches out from his traditional hip-hop sound and showcases the evolution of his production by unleashing his electronic side. A-Plus here offers unique insight into the world of “Molly” through reflective narrative about experimentation, social issues, and temptation. In addition to the album, A-Plus gives us something else to be excited about: a music video for “Blue Tear Drops,” the third track off MDW.

Explaining his musical transition, A-Plus stated,”The project started off as hip-hop, but as we pushed our creative boundaries [it] uncontrollably morphed into a Hip Hop/Electronic hybrid. The process was gradual, recording over 30 songs and fine-tuning the sound by testing songs at our favorite after-hour spots. I am very excited for people to hear this new production, as it is a true reflection of my creative freedom as an artist.”

Also, check out the video for “Blue Tear Drops”, released today.

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