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2 July, 2014@10:44 pm

Pep Love, a member of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew, best known for his critically acclaimed 2001 album Acension, fronts a one-man-band on his latest single, “Evergreen”. With eloquent rhyming prose, Pep shows why he remains a staple of the Oakland collective. Heavy guitar stabs and precise rock drumming play the background, while the lyrically-proficient MC finds his pocket and shows why he’s built to last as one of the tallest pines in the hip-hop forest.

The first single from Pep’s forthcoming Dolla Daily EP, which releases August 19th, is full of quoatables. “I’m trying to get my money up in a dump truck/ my lyricism like I hit em’ with a nun-chuck,” he raps, “pimp slap the track/ with a pack of zigzags and a big bag of that/ kick back relax.” The Hieroglyphics Imperium / General Organic Sound release focuses itself on the daily grind of acquisition and the pursuit of happiness through physical pleasure topped with an allegory of spiritual enlightenment with Pep as both MC and producer.

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