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Coming from the Nexx Level / Rockboy Click then Smoothe The Hustler and Trigga Da Gambler emrged from is Papoose. I was a little skeptic on this one at first, but Papoose is very talented MC, not to be slept on. “Thug Connection” sounds a bit like Wu-Tang Clan’s track off of the Rush Hour soundtrack in terms of production, but the team up of Papoose, AZ, and Kool G Rap works. Papoose introduces himself to the world on this cut, and unlike many others that need the guests to grab your attention, Papoose shines brightly on his own, somehow fooling the enitre verse into rhyming! Even more impressive is his take on the “Alphabetical Slaughter” that many emcees have been trying lately, although Papoose seems to have conquered this style best. He rips the whole alphabet, one letter at a time. This one has to be heard to be believed.

  Mixtape D.L.
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