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1 January, 1998@12:00 am

Grouch representing Cali and the mighty Living Legends Crew, (still Independent and loving it) seems greatly influenced by the early Hieroglyphic sound. In fact, sometimes you would swear that you were listening to Del. In a quest to bring it a little different, Grouch cleverly implements an assortment of instruments into one concise package. Buckle up, this moodpiece is a non-stop rollercoaster ride deep inside the mind of a Grouch.

Overtly underground, with drum patterns that just scream old school, Grouch keeps things very simple bringing back the freshness of the early nineties. Also, his tracks are void of today’s studio-influenced gimmickry, as he gives a big middle finger to commercial radio. One thing that makes him especially dope is he covers a wide range of topic matter. He is very easy to relate to, with a personality that translates well onto wax, as he touches on many situations none of us are strangers too. Coming off very calm with his flow and delivery, his voice and abstract lyrics are straight up ear candy. Grouch represents lovely over the twinkling Fender & Rhodes laced “Till The Enda This”, and the melodic strokings of “Symbolism”. In addition, Grouch takes full-advantage of his twisted sense of humor on the hilarious “Your Not The 1″. Moreover, the elegant string arrangement of the Harpsichord infested “Nothing Changing”, is amazing. You are sure to get a bonified rush with “Drain Me”, as Grouch gets sick lyrically, putting an interesting twist on relationship stress and the breakdown mid-way through the track (albeit brief) is breathtaking. Lastly, “Over/Evaluation” hits you like a ton of bricks, as Grouch breaks this track down to just the barest of essentials.

Conversely, like Hieroglyphics, he sometimes tends to get on some real different ish, and once in a while gets a tad too overzealous in his quest to flip the script. One also tires of his 2Pac voice manipulation skits, as it disrupts the Ebb & Flow and is quickly discarded as lazy fast-forward filler-material.

Throwing caution to the wind, Grouch for sure lets it all hang out! In this day and age it’s nice to see someone trying to stretch the bounds of creativity, and flipping some truly original material. Do yourself a favor take the trip and you’ll be far from grouchy when finished.

  Mixtape D.L.
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