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 “I am prepared to face many obstacles in my journey” read a message scribed on the back of a then youthful and slender Freddie Foxxx’s ’89 seminal LP, Freddie Foxxx Is Here. Is it possible that he could foresee the path of his renegade-like position for the the next decade and beyond? Bouncing from Boogie Down Productions  to the Flavor Unit and all points in-between, Foxxx’s transient roaming of the industry has garnered worldwide recognition, with hardly a handful of releases to his name. No longer slim, trim and rapping about how “somebody else bumped your girl”, Freddie Foxxx is the militant-mack Bumpy Knuckles, whose integrity is about as indestructible as his physique. Its due time the rap world got it’s ass whipped and what a better person to do it that Bumpy Knucks through his often-intimidating Industry Shakedown.

Impressively enough, Foxxx produces a significant chunk of the album himself, and in prime form too. “24 Hrs” sets the pace both musically and lyrically, as Knucks is more than fed with the industry’s not so friendly ways. “The Masters” is another surprisingly tight self-production featuring the assistance of some equally raging emcees, M.O.P.. Outsiders come through lovely to only add gallons of fuel to the ever incensed fire within Knucks. DJ Premier lends the mix-tape banger, “Part Of My Life” as well as the intense “R.N.S.”. A spicier Primo concoction that’s so ready to be killed that Foxxx can barely contain himself during the hooks – a good combination, indeed. “Bumpy Bring It Home” has Diamond instilling a slower roll into the big-man’s usual braggadocio as M.O.P. proclaim to “leave Bumpy alone” during the chorus. Foxxx’s new partner Pete Rock (as they are set to do an album together) drops 3 gems, with the title track, “Industry Shakedown”, being the most alluring. The bassline alone will keep heads in motion no doubt, but it’s Fred’s run-down of the rap industry that’ll keep them listening. There’s just something about name dropping and calling out fools that remains a Hip-Hop staple and Foxxx does it with a honest compassion and aggression that generates immediate respect from those familiar with Rule #4080 and it’s cohorts.

And that is what Freddie Foxxx is all about, speaking his mind no matter what the fuck the consequences might be. He’s aged finely this past decade, never compromising his sound or style. Just peep “MC’s Come & MC’s Go”. Anyone that can get away with making a bumpy old dance joint so hot deserves nothing but millions of daps and record sales.

  Mixtape D.L.
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