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by Oliver Wang
1 January, 2000@12:00 am

After raising some hopes with his Delicious Vinyl 12″ “Observations”, the Ase One takes it back down a couple of notches with the middling “So Now U A MC? (Original)” a remake of Run DMC’s “Sucka MCs”. Producer Paul Nice does a slight flip on Run DMC’s original, leaving the familiar hand clap break that we know and love. Ace tries to serve it up to the proverbial sucka muthas on the mic but the overall effort feels both dated and weak, dropping lines with no punch. The remix on the flipside isn’t much better, switching up the music only slightly (and just as anemic). Where is Ace exactly trying to place himself? Is it back to the slaughtahouse or still sittin’ on chrome? Right now, it’s like he’s taking a look around, but his next step is far from clear (sorry, couldn’t help it).

  Mixtape D.L.