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2 January, 2000@12:00 am

RENO, NV – While the Y2K bug turned out to be a hoax, it was discovered shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day that the Technic 1200 turntable is not “Will2K” compliant. Mix Master P of Club Millenium first discovered the bug. Merry partygoers had their festivities interrupted when the washed-up DJ attempted to mix out of Stacy Q’s “Two Of Hearts” and into Will Smith’s “Will2K”, and the record did not play.

According to Mix Master P, this was unexpected; as it was the first time he had played the record. “You know me, I had the crowd dancing to the funkiest jams and hottest music, everything from Pebbles’ “Girlfriend” to Sagat’s “Funk Dat”, but it was ruined when the record wouldn’t work”. Apparently, the DJ tried the record on turntables made by Vestax and Gemini and had no problems. Professionals could not figure out why the record would not play on the Technic 1200 model. One specialist felt that it was possible that the turntable would not play the record by a decision made by it’s own artificial intelligence.

“It won’t play the record cuz that shit is wack, son”, concluded DJ Webs of Brooklyn, New York. </p>

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