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24 May, 2000@12:00 am

Beverly Hills, CA – Dr. Dre had a pretty frustrating Friday last week, as jokers across the United States recognized the national holiday, “Fuck With Dre Day”.

“It happens every year, but these guys get me every time,” said Dre. “I was eating breakfast that morning, when door bell rang. I ran outside to see who was there, and there was a fire right outside my door. Then, I tried to stomp out the flames, only to figure out that it was a paper bag full of shit, which splattered all over my khakis.”

But the fun didn’t stop there, apparently, as Dre felt the tomfoolery of the holiday for the rest of the afternoon. “Man, I kept getting fuckin’ pizzas delivered to my house that I didn’t order, all day long”, said Dre.

One innovative prank featured a pail of water placed on top of the door, leaning against the wall, so that when opened, the bucket would dump the water on Dre’s head. Other holiday hi-jinks that were played on Dre, included a can of peanuts, that when opened, two giant spring loaded snakes would pop out, and also a series of prank telephone calls, asking if there was a doctor in the house.

But the best prank came at the end of the night. “Oh man, you should have seen it, they got me good,” said Dre. “A bunch of masked guys wearing Death Row t-shirts came and shot my house up, and used a car bomb to blow up my Mercedes. I thought for sure this was for real, but it turns out it was just (Interscope President) Jimmy Iovine and his kids. Hilarious!”

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