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New Orleans – Cash Money Millionaire and southern rapper, Juvenile, pioneer of the “bling bling” fashion trend, recently discovered what aims to be the next craze in hip-hop style – natural gold teeth.

“I went to see my man to switch out my gold caps for some new ones, and when I took them off my teeth, I noticed that my actual teeth turned gold,” said the rapper. “I had been wearing these on my teeth for about three years, non-stop, so maybe the caps made them gold, or some shit. But it looks hot, ha.”

Since Juvenile has started sporting his the new natural look, others in his crew have followed in suit.

“My teeth got more of a yellow, leathery look, after I removed my caps”, said B.G., “But leather is some expensive shit, though.”

“I was trying to get my shits to look like a golden brown, but they look a little more like a cheese color, but that’s what we about, getting that cheddah, right?” said producer Mannie Fresh.

“My teeth hurt.” said Lil Wayne.

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