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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Louis Logic set off his buzz a few years back with the L-Fudge assisted “Planet Rock”, which was followed up with the underground breakthrough “Factotum.” He has kept listeners intrigued through many cameo appearances and lesser promoted 12″‘s. Lou has been all over the place and Debacle In A Bottle is a “non-album” lets people catch up with semi-recent works from the lyrical lush.

While he has never had a problem holding down the mic by himself, he seems to rip even harder when paired up with his boys. This release is full of those collabs, which results in countless treats for heads into clever lyrics. The J.J. Brown produced “Logic & Reason”, features his Penn State fam R-Son (Flight Brothers/Figures Of Speech), as the duo goes back and forth with such ease that can only be attained by years of rocking together. Tracks he has done with his side groups, such as Odd Couple’s (w/Jay Love) “Por Que” & “Pimp Shit” and Brews Brothers (w/Charlie Bawles & Mr. Jason) “Happy Hour” & “Ready For War” also pop-up. The nastily constructed Celph Titled banger “Paper Mache” gets included, as Louie, Celph, Rahsheed, and Apathy tear the mic to shreds. Thankfully added to the line-up is the heavily slept-on Media 101  joint “Mischief Nite”, which has the trio doing what they do best – corrupting and causing trouble.

Remember the talk of Logic being able to stand on his own? Even with all the guests, he still includes songs that give us a healthy dose of the bugged thoughts and ill punch lines to remind us why we all love him so much. Up and coming producer, Cimer Amor cooks up a dirty funk track for “Lecture (Demo)” while Lou’s “calling all emcees, please to the lecture room” and relays that they “can go to hell, like the motherfuckers who shot Big L.” He brings forth the “fed-up with the day job” anthem “Postal 2000 (Demo)”, a very relatable tale of having to deal with 9 to 5 b.s in which we find our favorite beer guzzler going over the edge. The LP comes to a close with a deep, educational look into society and history. “Trail Of Tears” is an emotional track and while J.J. Brown will have your head nodding, it’s Louis’s lyrics that will have you thinking way after the story ends.

Clocking in at very tolerable 49 minutes, Debacle In A Bottle will appeal to all of his fans that do not buy vinyl or want all his current releases together. Lou’s words are precisely crafted and though he might be cheered for his tales of battling and partying, there is also light shed on his diversity and ability to make people put down the bottle for a second and pick up a book. This self-released CD-R is another solid brick in which should be the road to success for Louis Logic and his Demigodz fam.

  Mixtape D.L.
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