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18 November, 2002@12:00 am

It’s been over 4 years since we last saw a Boot Camp Clik album, and The Chosen Few is the welcomed return of the Brooklyn based conglomerate.

From the very first track, “Intro: Yo Boot Camp!”, the BCC acknowledges they haven’t been on the scene for a minute, but assure their fans that its still the same BCC that helped shape the sound of underground hiphop in the 1990s. “And So” undoubtedly the albums best track, addresses the issue of coming back on the scene, backed with the albums best production courtesy of Curt Cazal.

Throughout the album, production seems to make or break the tracks. The lyrics are nearly always on point, and many will be happy to again hear the frequent references to “Bucktown” and “B-double O” throughout the album. The Alchemist comes nice with production for “Down 2 Bizness”, as the BCC addresses the fans, as well any haters, who’ve been talking about the camp and how they’ve changed. “Had It Up 2 Here” featuring Illa Noyz and produced by Beatminerz has the click saying how sick they of people (particularly those in the music business) as well as racist cops and fake thugs. While the jury is still out on the hook, the beat and lyrics make this one of the tightest tracks on the album.

Conceptual songs even sneak in on The Chosen Few, namely “Daddy Wanna”, with the BCC rapping about deadbeat dads and baby mommas. “Think Back” has the crew reminiscing back to the late 70′s up to the early 90′s when the crew was growing up, referencing everything from Def Comedy Jam to the “itty-bitty-titty-committee.”

In short, this album will not disappoint. Besides a few lazy verses and one or two bland beats, this album has few shortcomings. It is also refreshing to hear music from a crew that is (at least in part) responsible for making underground hiphop what it is today.

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