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13 December, 2002@12:00 am

In the indie world Game has managed to garner some respect at the same time gaining use of credible artists.  Avoiding any loss of momentum, Game did what any other label with a dope roster would do–put out a compilation album to display their artists and what guests they could conjure up.

Game Tight opens up with the foul combination of Bad Meets Evil (Eminem And Royce), on “Nuttin’ To Do”.  Over light hearted production both Royce and Em display lyrical cruelty.  Royce shines the brightest, mainly because Slim’s flow sounds dated in comparison to what he is doing now.  On the Price Is Right sampled “My Flow Is Tight”, Lord Digga performs a verbal gang bang on listeners and artists, unfortunately the beat is too busy and sugar coated for anyone to ride and still sound hard.  Blahzay Blahzay brings it back to the real on “Federal Reserve Notez”,  with street tales to satisfy any head, the menacing break gives them the right platform to paint a vivid crime tale.  The highlight of the album is the Grand Theft Auto 3 favorite, “Rising To The Top” with Sean Price and Agallah. Sean P. kills the track with bars like, “Yet we all cool Pa anybody can get it/Winchesters, Remingtons, any shotty I hit it/Yo/Dress sloppy/but my rap is dappa/watch Rosewood/Go outside and slap a cracka.”

Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse on “Hit ‘Em Up”.  P. Dap equipped with a DMX-ish flow, is very forgettable.  50 Cent receives an ‘A’ for effort, but the track wasn’t worth the try.  However, things look up on Royce Da 5’9′s “I’m The King”.  The Alchemist produced cut has a hypnotic chime that will lock listeners in trance with Royce’s braggadocio flows. 

Another star of Game Tight is Pretty Ugly, who sports a flow both original and addictive. On “Stack G’s Regardless”, Pretty hits us with “I’m a villain/I hate Lil’ Zane/I wanna kill him/he sound like Pac/but his words got no feelin’/that nigga tellin’ lies/I can see it in his eyes/he’s a bitch in disguise/and I hate them kind of guys/I don’t think he’s goin’ last that long/that 112 song he did wasn’t luke warm/it’s Pretty Ugly/I should’ve been on/and now that I’m on/you rappers are gonna hate me/and Lil’ Kim/I want you to have my baby.”

Armed with bluesy RZA inspired production, 8-Off Agallah follows up nicely on “Five Star Millas”.  Pretty Ugly and Royce Da 5’9″ the trade off verses on “Spit Game”.  The banger will bump nicely in both the headphones and in the club. The tag team Bad Meets Evil (Royce and Em) return on “Scary Movies”.  Both Royce and Eminem hurl threatening bars over a dramatic sample, and a head snapping drum.
Besides sleepers “Rowdy Niggaz” and the title track, Game Tight should be copped.  Once heads figure out which cuts are filler songs, Game Tight will receive heavy rotation.

  Mixtape D.L.
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