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8 July, 2003@12:00 am

HHS: First, with Sin-A-Matic anyone who doubted your ability to craft a full-length LP have certainly been proven wrong.  How does it feel?

LL: Yeah!!! these are the kind of questions I LIKE to be asked. The one’s that provide me with the opportunity to spout endlessly about the merits of my work.  All non-believers consider yourself smited. If you are one of those assholes who just refuses to give it up for a guy who busted his ass to make a quality album, namely me, then fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You are shit, I’m champagne.

HHS: Sin-A-Matic is chock full of concept songs, in your opinion, is the concept song a dying breed in hip hop?

LL: I can’t rightly endorse an idea like that, seeing as how the most successful material I’ve released has been conceptual, and by all indications, it seems Sin-A-Matic, which is almost entirely conceptual, is going to far exceed the notoriety of any of my previous efforts.  It would be fatalistic of me to subcribe to some shit like that. Why don’t more people do conceptual material?  I think it’s harder because it requires a cohesion of themes and ideas that most are not patient or insightful enough to synthesize. How do you like that ask yourself a question and then answer it style?…Slimy isn’t it?

HHS: Bro’s before hoes?  Yes or no?

LL: I guess that depends on what that phrase means to you.  If my friend fucks my girl, does he stick around to nurse me through the guilt I have over decapitating her?  Hell no, I’d stick his fucking ass in a box as well.  Euphemistically speaking, of course.  Real killers go to jail and get hiney fucked…..Not for me.  If you mean do I sometimes prefer a night of raucous bar antics to sweet cuddly love shit? Fuck yeah! I have shined a hot chick for days on end so I could do “me” shit.  Sometimes, I just can’t deal with that whole male-female communication barrier thing. Shit every girl I’ve ever had a relationship with inevitably takes off because I am more interested in my music and my friends than I am in chick flicks and spooning.

HHS: The reason I ask is because, speaking of concept records and relationships, you really flip the script with “Best Friends” and its going to make a lot of fella’s paranoid about having their “bro’s” hold shit down.  Where did the concept originate from?

LL: You want to hear this?  I mean, it will only make anyone who felt insecure after hearing the idea presented as a humorous two song ecsapade feel worse.  The answer is reality.  I’ve been fucked over.  This record, comical as it may be, is not about super-nigga.  Motherfuckers lose in real life, and they don’t always look cool doing it.  You have to love the humility of it, though.  You go to your favorite bar and laugh about it over drinks, or you go into a studio and entertain others at your own expense,….or, you the do both of the above, like me.

HHS: You seem to air a lot of dirty laundry on the record, it’s evident that you have a pretty jilted look at the female species, how much is fact and how much is fiction?

LL: I’m a math retard barely capable of elementary addition, subtraction, mutilplication and division, so I can’t quantify the fact/fiction ratio for you, but I can offer this:  To all my  ex-girlfriends, “HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!!!”  I’m kidding.  I don’t want to take all of the mystique out of the music.  The internet has already sapped a lot of the fun out of music magic with its early leaked releases, live feeds of recording sessions and “way too behind the scenes” looks at how artists create. You can wonder for yourself, or just assume that you’ve got it figured out.  Either way, you wouldn’t believe the shit I manage to stumble into even if I told you the truth. I have my drinking to thank for that.

HHS: Obviously your persona on the record is a wild, dark, cartoon like character – how far off is this from the real Louis Dorley?

LL: Well, by extrapolation, I’m sure you could figure out that I do not kill people, fuck ALL of the women or walk on water.  It is true that much of the album is inspired by my life, but I’m not gonna split hairs about how much is fact and how much is fiction. Louis Dorley loves to write drink and fuck, and every once in a while he even socks someone in the teeth. No biggie, I’m just like you only with a higher tolerance and a healthy discography of quality rap shit.

HHS: As the “Factotum” series grows in popularity, your love for alcohol and the amount you consume is apparently unmatched.  Do you have more alcohol induced tales in store?

LL: You think I don’t when I do?  You can expect more than just additonal chapters in the Factotum series, but I don’t wanna give away any surprises.  There will be a healthy dose of depravity and drinking on anything I associate myself with, because drinking makes you smarter. It’s a surgeon general supported fact.  Who knows, maybe one of you readers out there will cross paths with me and become a part of one of my ridiculous scotch soaked stories.

HHS: What are the pros and cons to copulating while being incredibly intoxicated?

LL:  Well, I got three words for ya on the “pros” end, Stam In A!!! Shit, the dick feel like he’s coated in sheet metal after a good night of drinking.  That can be good or bad though. On the one hand you don’t have to stress about that whole minute-man thing, but then, some people can’t spread the mayonnaise if they’re too drunk to hold the knife.  I don’t have that problem. Even if I’m so bloody I can’t say my own name, the gun goes BANG!!! when a chick pulls the trigger. Now, that’s not even taking into consideration whether or not SHE can enjoy it.  Contrary to what my music might make people think, I’m a romantic nigga. I don’t even wanna fuck if baby can’t get her shit off too. It’s like Sean Bateman, Patrcik Bateman’s (American Psycho) brother says in Ellis’ Rules of Attraction: “What’s the point of fucking a girl who can’t come? It’s like asking questions in a letter”, to para-phrase that tasty piece of work.

HHS: Keeping in line with alcohol fixation, what’s your view on sharing alcohol and its many benefits with loved ones?  Do you urge those closest to you, girlfriend, and family members too partake as well?  Also, in your eyes, is it (in)appropriate for “man’s best-friend” (in particular your dog) to be given abowl-full of suds every so-often after a long walk on a hot summer day?

LL: I’m not fixated, man, I’m in love.  Romanitc nigga, right? Yeah, so anyway.  What kind of uncle would I be if I give my brother’s and sister’s kids their first buzz? What do you take me for? A greedy Neanderthal?  Mama taught me to share. As for my bitch,…No, not my girl, my dog, she’s been drinkin’ since the first week I had her. In fact her first beer ever was the current reigning champion of alcohol content for a brew, DogFishHead World Wide Stout, clocking in at over 23% alcohol. She didn’t even ask if she could have some. She just hopped up on the bar and helped herself.  Now, that’s what I call a real bitch.

HHS: While you have become somewhat synonymous for your party-inducing favorites, “The Ugly Truth” is a politically and racially tinged departure for you that is as brilliant as it is shocking.  Obviously you know this track is bound to cause some waves, what was your motivation for the track and are you worried that some people will not catch the true message? Was “The Ugly Truth” a direct attack on Bush or politicians in general?

LL: The Ugly Truth is an attack on all of you. I didn’t make those things up. These are things I learned from the people I’ve come into contact with.  People really believe shit like that, and that’s what the song is about. Even more than that, the song is about how surprising it would be if you knew all of the people who embraced such warped ideals.  You probably couldn’t even imagine just who.  So in answer to your question, this song has nothing to do with George Bush.  Who gives a flying fuck if he tells a nigger joke here and there in his spare time?  Sucks for him if he really feels that way, because hate don’t make ya happy. The point is, I could have chosen anybody. It was only done with the intent to get people to think, and to talk about these things that we all know so well, but feel so ashamed to discuss openly. Let the arguments and complaints ensue. I hope the stink raises up to high heaven, if there be such a place.  Also, on a side note, I know the FBI monitors folks who have suspiscious dealings, and I thought it might be amusing to get onto that list for shits and giggles.

HHS: Speaking of which, on “Fair Weather Fans”, you dissed rap critic Oliver ‘O-Dub’ Wang. Why was this?

LL: Just a lot of back and forth disagreement and I didn’t like the way he handled himself. I don’t have a defintive comment on the O-Dub situation… I’ve said what i had to say to him, about him… and now i’d like to get on to the business of forgetting that he exists.

HHS: It’s been rumored that you were in negotiations with a few other major labels before the release of Sin-A-Matic. Hypothetically, are you happier things worked out with Solid, as you probably wouldn’t have had all of this freedom on a major.

LL:  Sure freedom is great, but I’ve said it before when asked in an interview. The goal of an artist is to have as many people as possible appreciate the art. I want everyone to have to listen to my antics and to enjoy it all the while.  I don’t know how much it would have affected the sound of my LP if I were on a major.  That didn’t change Dilated Peoples’ sound at all.  Not that those guys are breaking any sales records, but I think it’s great that they are one of the few acts who still make boom-bap with a bigger budget, regardless of the fact that I don’t listen to their music.

HHS: You cover allot of the Indy vs. Major Label debate on “Fair Weather Fan” but as an underground artist, is signing to a major label (minus the budgets) somewhat overrated, especially in the current climate?

LL: I wouldn’t know. I’ll get back to you when I try it. Next question.

HHS: You kept all of the collaborations on Sin-A-Matic basically in house (Demigodz) but was there anyone you were trying to work with who you weren’t able to catch up with?

LL: That was totally purposeful.  I mean no disrespect to those who seek out collabs, but I don’t believe in that.  I prefer to stand on the merits of my own music, and my faith in those with whom I surround myself. I already work with the people I like the most, no bullshit. Besides, did the Beatles need the Eagles to guest appear on their shit to make classics and sell records?…No.

HHS: What’s next for Louis Logic?  Is Sin-A-Matic just an audition for something loftier?  Also, we hear rumors that your working with J-Zone and have a project nearly wrapped with Jay Love, can u divulge anything? What can we expect from your collaborative album with Jay Love, “The Odd Couple”?

LL:  Something loftier? You bet your sweet ass. An audition, not really, more of a demonstration of a personal standard. I am working with several different well known and respected artists, including J-Zone on a project of undetermined length at this point.  I will be wrapping up work on the Odd Couple LP in the near future, if Jay Love and I can stop spending all of our session time getting fucked up and going to strip clubs. Thus far, this album will be everything that Sin-A-Matic is not in that it will contain a limited number of conceptual, story songs, a posse song, and it is thematically a good times, beats and rhymes record.  There are no serious addresses on this project.  It’s like the Beatnuts only without the guns.

HHS: How did you hook up with Demigodz? and what’s the latest on the Demigodz sophomore effort?

Well, didn’t you get your invite to join?  Ap was bringing everyone and their mom aboard, I just didn’t want to be the only one not up in it.  I’m just glad we started the follow up and I can only say this much right now: It WILL focus on the more prominent menbers of the collective rather than the up and comers, and I will have a more focal role in this ALBUM, not an EP!  Also, since I will be more involved with the contributing and decision making,  everyone will be forced to adhere to a strict drinking quota from here on out in order to participate in the group.

HHS: Do you have any input on the beef that went down with members of the Demigodz and the Weathermen crews?

LL:  Is that a real question? C’mon man. I’m not biting into that shit sandwich. Next question.

HHS: Any closing words of knowledge you would like to impart on the hip-hop masses?

LL:  Read my column in Elemental Magazine, “Idiocracy”. You will find the answers to nothing of consequence there, but it may make you smirk like the guy who leaves a stinky ass silent fart in an elevator.  …peas.

  Mixtape D.L.
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