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Stardate: May 2nd 2004

Time: 14:00

Cage and Tame One, collectively known as the Leak Bros, are hard at work within the walls of Mighty Mi’s home. I’ve been talking back and forth with Mighty Mi attempting to schedule an interview in between the two’s intense recording sessions. Finally, after finagling a Sunday interview, Cage and Tame One are ready to serve up a slice of madness to myself and the world and explain their position..Or so I thought.

(Phone rings)
Answering Machine: Hello. you’ve reached Milo, I can’t take your call, leave your name..

HHS: (damn nobodies answering..)

Milo: Hello

HHS: Yo! This is Andreas Hale from, what’s going on man?

Milo: Hey what’s up bro?

HHS: Chillen man. How you doing?

Milo: Alright.

HHS: Cage and Tame ready to do the interview?

Milo: Yeah, I’m going to put them on speakerphone okay?

HHS: No doubt.

Milo: Hold on for a second

(Minutes pass)

Milo: Alright, Cage is right in the middle of doing a vocal take. Call back in about a half an hour?

HHS: No doubt.

Damn! Those two are hard at work putting together what seems to be a ridiculous album. But now I’ve got to sit here for the next half and hour for Cage to finish his vocal take. Then I’ll have the interview I’ve been waiting for!

Stardate: May 2nd 2004
Time: 14:31

Now after I witnessed the Lakers get picked apart by the Spurs, I am ready to call Mighty Mi and deliver this highly anticipated interview.

HHS: Hey what’s up? We ready to go now?

Milo: Yeah, I’m going to put you on speakerphone hang on for a sec..

(Minutes pass)

Cage: Yo!

HHS: Whassup man?

Tame: What Up!

HHS: Alight tell me how you 2 hooked up for the Leak Bros project.

Cage: Can we just pass the phone back and forth because we’ve been recording for a while and we need cigarettes?

HHS: No doubt!

Cage: Um.we met a long time ago, back in the Pete Nice days. But we hooked up through the Eastern Conference affiliation.

HHS: How did the name Leak Bros come about?

Cage: Tame came up with it.

HHS: Tame, what does it mean?

Tame: To our friends in the industry and the streets as well, I mean, we were both kind of notorious from our past adventures. We just decided to go fuck it and let’s just team up on some Marvel team up shit and shit on people.

HHS: What’s the name of the album?

Tame: Waterworld.

HHS: How would you describe the madness on this album? Is it going to be concept driven a la Nighthawks or is it just going to be on some other shit?

Tame: It’s on some other shit. It’s like Red and Meth on dust.

HHS: Damn! Who’s producing?

Tame: Everybody!

HHS: Such as?

Tame: Everybody!

HHS: Mighty Mi? RJD2?

Tame: We got Mondee joints. We got Camu Tao joints. Shit..we still building, we ain’t chopped it down yet.

HHS: Any guest appearances?

Tame: We got Yak Ballz on the hook!

HHS: Just Yak?

Tame: Just Yak! And we got this girl from Japan on the hook..

Cage: No, It’s a guy.

Tame: (to Cage) It’s a guy? He sounds like a chick.Well we got this guy from Japan on the hook.

HHS: What’s his name?

Tame: We ain’t telling.

HHS: (laughter)

Tame: It’s a big time movie star from Japan. That’s all we’re letting loose right now. He’s a big movie star in Japan. He’s got a suicidal following.

HHS: How many tracks did you do for this album?

Tame: Seventy-five! But we’re narrowing them down right now.

HHS: Damn!  Seventy-five?

Tame: That’s how many we got done. I didn’t say how many of them we were using.

HHS: So how long has this been in the works?

Tame: Since nineteen seventy…one? It all started on a dark and stormy night. 1971! There were screams from the hospital floor. And he flips the nurse next to him and it was on from there..

HHS: How do you think the fans are going to take to the new album?

Tame: (long pause) ummmmmmmm..They’re going to get high to it! It’s a soundtrack to getting high. All of our fans collectively will get high to it and like the shit. It’s get high music. It’s not for the sober! We’re not discriminating but it’s NOT for the sober.

Cage: I think some of them will take it. But I think some of them who don’t do what we do might not take it.

HHS: Is it anything different than what you have been doing?

Cage:  It’s a little more..uh. It’s a little less different. It’s’s stranger.

HHS: Stranger than the average Cage project?

Cage: Uh, yeah a little bit

HHS: Cage so it’s official you are now a def jukie. How did this move come about?

Cage: I wanted to just do some different shit. This project is going in that direction so I’m just like, doing different shit basically.

HHS:  Whassup with the Eastern Conference Fam? You still good?

Cage: Yeah! Like I’m in (Mighty) Mi’s house right now recording

HHS: What’s next for Cage after this?  Another solo joint in the works?

Cage: Hell’s Winter album on (Def) Jux coming out early 2005.

HHS: Have you begun working on that yet?

Cage: Um..yeah.

HHS: Now is that something you’re doing with just El-P or are you going to stick with Mighty Mi and the usual suspects?

Cage: I can’t say anything about it.

HHS: Alright, put Tame back on the phone real quick.

Tame: Yo!

HHS: Tame, what’s up with you after this project? Are you working on another solo album? Can you tell me about that?

Tame: Yeah! I just got pro tools in the crib. Got a CD burner and all that! I’m selling them straight out of the crib.. straight out of the trunk. I’m just going to have people come by my crib and buy my music. Fuck it!

HHS: Is your album done or are you just working on it now?

Tame: I’ve got two albums done already. I’ve got a Spazmatic album that’s done. I had no distribution for it. I got projects that are just sitting. They are sitting on they ass getting old.

HHS: Are you planning on releasing them after this?

Tame: For the right price yeah!

HHS: Is there a possibility for an Artifacts reunion…

Tame: NO!!!

HHS: No? Negative?

Tame: No.Completely negative! Unless somebody offers me 70 million dollars and..nah I don’t even want to put that out there. NO!

HHS: Any last words

Cage: We’re going on tour in June on the East Coast and Midwest. In August we’re going to the West Coast and Europe.

HHS: When does the album drop?

Cage: Embalming fluid does not have PCP in it. July 13th this shit comes out. Embalming fluid does not have PCP in it….

HHS: Say what?

Cage: Just put that.

Tame: Buy five copies of the album each. It comes with a disclaimer on it so you won’t mix your chemicals. So nothing will explode on your table.

HHS: Alright, so you two are going back to the lab?

Tame: Yessiree Bob!

HHS: Thanks a lot for taking the time out with me. I’m looking forward to the album..

Tame: Do you get high?

HHS: ?

Tame: Nah wait…. Do YOU get high?

HHS: Nah.

Tame: You don’t get drunk?

HHS: Yeah, I get drunk.

Cage: Get drunk then listen to the album!

Stardate: May 2nd 2004
Time: 15:04

Whoa..after spending precious moments with Tame and Cage, I have finally nailed the interview with the Leak Bros. Big ups to Tame, Cage, and Mighty Mi for taking the time out of their world and entering mine. Every moment is precious and they have allowed a glimpse into Waterworld for all to enjoy. Pick up that album! Available July 13th.

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