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2 August, 2004@12:00 am
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    Illogic has been keeping very busy lately. From putting out his spoken word piece, Write to Death, to the resounding work of art known as Celestial Clockwork, Illogic has done more in the past year than ever. Not one to slow down, Ill has joined forces with rising producer DJ PRZM to put together an EP of post-Celestial work. The Off The Clock EP is an album
of sorts that differs from his previous work (a la Got Lyrics). Stripped of introspective rhymes, Illogic goes for the jugular with battle driven rhymes as PRZM continues to astound with solid production.

     Illogic uses this work as an outlet to “blow off some steam” and does so very effectively with this EP. Things get rolling rather quickly as Illogic sounds off about people approaching him when he’s “off the clock” (hence the title) on the aptly titled release. DJ PRZM provides a funky as hell backdrop as Ill rips bar after bar with lines like “you want me to hit the cipher and get mad when I don’t/ I just rocked for an hour dude I’m off of the clock/You expect me to be happy because you hand me a demo/If it’s wack it’s getting floated more often than not…” Lines like these prove that no matter how much exposure Illogic gets he is still a human that has to live his life. PRZM provides head-rocking vibes on the all out “Ill Rediculous” chopping up EPMD’s “You Gots ta Chill” to make it say “ill” amongst the slapping snares and grinding production. Even though Blueprint has provided Illogic with his backdrops for his albums, Illogic sounds incredibly comfortable amongst PRZM’s resounding production. The pinnacle of the album is the nasty “Don’t Go”, which displays a lighthearted approach torn to shreds by the ever-quotable emcee. PRZM finishes off the exhibition with his interpolation of the “Imperial March” theme from Star Wars, on the vivacious “Perfect Storm”.

    The only drawback is that this EP is nothing more than a teaser of sorts.  Only 22 minutes in length, it only whets the appetite of those yearning for more Illogic and PRZM work. But what more can you say? After all these dudes are doing this for you Off the Clock.

  Mixtape D.L.
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