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13 September, 2004@12:00 am

     It’s hard to believe that with all the guest spots and singles they’ve appeared on, Frank N Dank only have one album under their belt. Two years have passed since the release of their 48 Hours EP and contractual obligations with a now defunct label made it impossible for them to release a
follow up. But finally FND have connected again to put together the follow up album entitled Xtended Play.

     It’s no secret that the masses have checked out Frank N Dank for the production involved. The subject matter is littered with growing up in the hood, gun talk, keeping it real, and ass shaking songs, but that doesn’t mean a wack album does it? Nah, actually the production that backs this talk sets many joints aflame. Frequent collaborator J Dilla will make the rumps shake with the heavy thump of “Let’s Go” and will ease the mental with the Slum Village-ish “Okay.” Madlib’s younger bro, Oh No, chips in with “The Hustle” as Frank N Dank rock the mic with talks about none other than hustling (surprise!). Subject matter is run of the mill, but it works. Say what you want but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.   

     When it was mentioned that FND made a Canadian connection with Needillworks it meant that Needillworks brought the whole damn country of Canada with them. And the results aren’t bad either. Kardinal Official flexes his production muscle on “Xotic Dancer” as FND work the many angles of the strip club, then Kardinal breaks down the beat and proceeds to terrorize the mic. Saukrates makes the biggest splash on the album with two radio friendly bangers. The first is the drunken stupor of “Ride With Us” where FND suggest to the ladies to do what the title says. The other is the ice water cool vibes of “Nice to Meet You” feat. Brick and Lace. The bounce of this track alone begs of radio and club play not to mention the catchy hook included.

     With Xtended Play, FND prove that you get what you get from them and nothing more. While it’s not a bad thing, the tired subject matter may cause many listeners to yearn for deeper topics. But the star of this album is the Canadian team of production who leave their fingerprints all over this album. Xtended Play does exactly what it aims to do giving the listener nothing more and nothing less. Fans of Frank n Dank won’t complain, so why should you?

  Mixtape D.L.
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