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30 August, 2005@12:00 am

     As 1/4 of the now defunct Ohio collective known as MHZ, Jakki Tha MotaMouth has received the short end of the stick when the group unofficially set out to pursue solo careers. Jakki was the only artist that never really got a chance to make a name for himself with a solo release or a collaborative effort, unlike his counterparts. This was really a shame due to the fact that Jakki’s scathing verses garnered him a pretty decent buzz in rhyme circles across the globe. Since the MHZ’s released Table Scraps, Jakki has been in the lab laying down track after track and instead of all that material going to waste, the emcee has decided to release it to his fans via the 28 track release titled God Vs Satan.

    What Jakki has done is take a bunch of tracks that probably had no home and loosely tie them together in an interesting concept album. The concept is this: God and Satan have a wager on Jakki’s soul, in 6 different scenarios it is up to Jakki to choose a “good” or “evil” ending which would garner God and Satan respectively a point. Whoever has more points wins. What makes this concept interesting is that it took a great deal of thought to put a bunch of tracks recorded from 2000-2003 and make a concept out of it. Does it work? Well, it does – kind of.

     Jakki is a clever emcee who has made a name for himself with dramatic punchlines and breathtaking metaphors. And on God Vs Satan, Jakki continues to wow fans with his lyrical prowess. Witty one liners such as “Shit hits the fan like taking a dump on a Wesley Snipes baseball movie” on the Copywrite assisted “Break Wit Ease” and “You Brave? Let’s Work/set up the battle/but you were a no show like A-Cup titties in a spandex shirt” on the Przm produced “Raw” prove that Jakki is still solid from a battle aspect.

     But as far as the loosely knit concept goes, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There are times where Jakki comes off as remarkably descriptive such as the ‘how to rob’ session titled “Cleptobrainiac.” Other times however, the concept comes off a little strange. Take “The Abduction” where Jakki battles an alien from another planet. The concept and execution borders corny as Jakki dons a morphing voiced alien and tries to rip the human race. It’s just a bit too silly to accept. One thing Jakki does though is show a tremendous amount of depth on topics such as the haywire AIDS story “Positive Rap” and the broken hearted tale of a man dealing with a cheating woman on “Man’s Weakness.”

     With on and off production and entirely too many skits to tie the concept together, God Vs Satan becomes an album that displays a great deal of Jakki’s versatility, but in expense of the listener having to trudge through 28 tracks to find those moments. But by the time Jakki finally release a full length CD of new material, many heads should anticipate a good, if not great, album devoid of a forced concept.  

  Mixtape D.L.
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