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20 August, 2006@12:00 am

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, Detroit’s Obie Trice drops his sophomore effort “Second Round’s On Me.”  I take time to talk to the most “boasterous O-ster” about the Sauce’s management change, his late cousin DeShaun and an overall difficult year, and grandmothers with gigantic Eminem tats.  Plus another edition of the “One Line Random Eleven” and my obsession for the Jimmy Kimmel show is revealed (second interview in a row where I’ve somehow managed to make reference to that show).  What can I say, it’s hands-down the best late-night show out right now.

HHS:  You’re the infamous Mr. “Real Name, No Gimmicks”.  You ever have a rap name before deciding to stick with your real name?

Obie Trice:  Yeah, I used to be called “Obie-Wan” back in the day.  Proof was the host of the Hip-Hop Shop and one day he asked me my real name and I said, “Obie Trice”, so he gave me the name I already had.  He started introducing me as Obie Trice at the Hip-Hop Shop.

Any thoughts on the regime change down at The Source?

(laughing) Ay boy….he’s [Benzino] on the job hunt, ‘nahmean? He was doing some fucked up shit I guess….

(sarcastically)  Yeah, what happened there?

(sarcastically) Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that, know what I’m saying?  All that shit was bad karma anyway, they was some really fucked up individuals.  It’s an unfortunate thing, but they got what they deserved.

How’d you first hook up with the D12 guys and Eminem?

I hooked up with Eminem through Bizarre of D12.  Bizarre wanted to do a song, so we did a song called “Detroit Boys”.  He told Em about me and he just called me one day like, “Come spit for Marshall”, so I shot up there and I spit for him and it’s just been smiles and handshakes from then on, nahmean?

You’ve had a crazy [few] years: the success of “Cheers”, the shooting that happened to you, and the passing of Proof.  What kind of stuff have you learned since we last heard you on “Cheers”?

Man, I just learned that life is precious.  Life is very, very, very precious.  At any moment, it can be taken away from you.  But just live the best life you can.  George Clinton told me, “Do the best you can do and fuck everything else after that.”  So I’m just happy to be still here and be able to do my music and do what I love to do.

What’s something that people don’t know about DeShaun?

Everybody knows a lot of stuff (about Proof).  He was a funny dude, he was very creative, he was intelligent, and he had a real, real good sense of humor.  He was just a cool bruh’.

What do you think of the state of hip-hop right now?

I ain’t mad at hip-hop, know what I’m sayin’.  I’d love to see hip-hop grow and continue to grow.  That’s all I’m interested in.

What’d your mom think about “Don’t Come Down”?

She appreciated it.  She thought it was interesting and she liked it.  Yeah, she really liked that song.

What’s different about “Second Round’s On Me”?

“Second Round’s On Me” just shows a lot of growth as an artist.  I’m doing different things lyrically that I didn’t do on “Cheers”, talking about really deep things, conscious things, you know?  It just shows growth.

You stuck to a theme for your first two album names, so any ideas what your next one’s gonna be called?

“Bottoms Up”.

You working any other projects right now?

We’re reading a few movie scripts right now, but basically [we're focusing on] just getting this album out and waiting for the release date and our tour.

Any other artists coming out (from Shady/Aftermath) that we should know about?

Yeah, Stat Quo’s got his deal [coming soon], Bobby Creekwater, and Cashis.

The One Line Random Eleven

#1:  What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A mortician.

#2:  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?


#3:  If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Biggie, ‘Pac, and James Dean.

#4:  What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?

I got on some Air Jordan II’s.

#5:  What’s your favorite tour stop?

I like Amsterdam.

What’s your favorite stop in the U.S.?

My favorite stop in the U.S. has to be Cali.

#6:  Finish this sentence:  “I can die a happy man when…”

I can die a happy man when I went down in history as one of the greatest emcees who ever done it.

#7:  What’s the weirdest thing to ever happen to you on tour?

The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on tour was this old lady, she had to be in her late 50s, with this big-ass “Eminem face” tattoo on her back (laughs).

(laughing) How did that even come up?  Did she just decide to show it to you?

(laughing) Yeah, she really wanted to show me.  Man, that’s crazy, right?  That’s somebody’s grandmother. (laughs) I’m talkin’ ’bout….his face was SO huge!  Fans are crazy bruh. (laughing) You’re about have some fans like, if you don’t already.  You’re gonna have your profile tattooed to someone’s butt. (laughs)

You tell Em that story?  I’m sure he gets that a lot, right?

Oh yeah, he already know.  He gets so much crazy shit.

#8:  What’s your favorite movie?

At this moment, it’s “Running Scared”.

#9:  Name an artist you’d like to collaborate with.

I’d like to do a song with Damien Marley.

#10:  What food do you hate the most?

I think it’s call “goulash”.  I think it’s Arabic food.  Yeah, my man my DJ eats a pack a day and shit…

And you tried it one time?

Yeah, that shit nasty (laughs)

#11:  What’s your favorite album of all-time?

I got a few of them, but I’m gonna say Illmatic.

Aight, you take care man.  Good luck with the album, the tour.  You gonna do “Jimmy (Kimmel Live)” again?  The first time I ever saw you, it was on Jimmy Kimmel, you gotta go back on that show man.

Oh yeah. He asked me what country that I been to that I liked the most or some shit and I said, “London”. (laughs)

  Mixtape D.L.
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