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5 October, 2006@12:00 am

It’s hard in today’s microwave mcnugget culture to really have longevity.  Few artists have been able to maintain longevity for even 5 years, much less nearly 20.   We first got a taste of Sadat X in 1990 and he has continually put out quality music every since.  Whether it’s with Brand Nubian or on the solo tip, Sadat’s albums are always something to look forward to.  From the production to lyrics, Sadat hasn’t lost a step in 16 years.   His impending jail sentence to Rikers Island has set the tone for “Black October” which drops October 10th on Riverside Drive/Female Fun.   We got a chance to chat with Sadat before he gets locked down and see what his motivation was to making a new record so quickly and what favors he called in to make this one happen.

So what’s up man?

Nothing much man, running around today, making moves.

Back the studio again, “Experience and Education” came out less than a year ago.  Why another album so soon?

I just wanted to keep it moving.  Back in the day dudes did album’s a lot faster.  You did an album and then you came right back with one.  Plus that way it continues to generate money.

Do you think “Experience and Education” was received well from the public, was there anything left unsaid?

No, not really.  To tell the truth I got in a situation where I had to make this album pretty fast.  I got into a little legal trouble with the state of New York.  I just wanted to get the album out and be locked up and have nothing out.  Even if I couldn’t promote it at least it would be out there.

The name of the new album is “Black October” and is coming out on Riverside Drive/Female Fun, is Riverside Drive your label?

Yeah, Riverside Drive is my label, I live on Riverside Drive.  The album drops October 10th and is a joint venture with Female Fun.

Why the name “Black October”, is that because of the impending jail sentence is coming in October?

Basically that is why the album the album has that name.  What happened was I was arrested with possession of a firearm.  They said I was waiving it around and I wasn’t doing anything like that.   So, I went to court and the only thing they got me on was the possession.  This was my second possession charge and in the state of New York a gun possession carries a mandatory year in jail, so I’m most likely heading to Rikers Island.

So you think that you will do a year.

In New York a year is 10 months to 8 months.  Hopefully I’ll just do the 8 months.  I took to the plea, due to my record I could have gotten 5 years.  It was the smart move at the time.

What is the one characteristic that has changed over the last 10 years with emcees?

I feel like there is less emphasis on rhyme writing.  Differentiating yourself from everyone else has definitely been lost.   Individuality has been lost and it’s easy for you to sound like this man because he’s doing it and getting money from it rather than being original.

What do you hope that fans get from “Black October”?

It’s good music, I have a lot of producers on there Marco Polo, J-Zone, Diamond D.  It’s a cast of different people that got together and helped me out so I hope they like it.

Out of all the producers on the album one track stuck out to me.  “On the Come Thru” is produced by Da Beatminerz, have you known them for a while?

I have known the Beatminerz since the early 90′s.  I just reached out to them and they said they got me.  Came out to Brooklyn and we knocked it out.  It’s a simple as that, it’s all love.  When they call me and they need something they know I’ll come on through.

That’s how it really should be; now everybody thinks they need to get paid for every 16 bars they spit.


Not a lot of features on this album, but Brand Nubian show up for “Chosen Few” and Greg Nice lends his vocals and production to “My Mind”.  How did you hook up with Greg Nice?

Greg is my man; I have known Greg for a long time.  I hang out with Greg outside of rap.  I’ll see Greg and we will just go somewhere and just cool out together.  Greg has been my man for a long time.  Greg has a couple of things in the works.  You might not know but Greg has his voice in a lot of car commercials and things like that.  People just don’t know, Greg is doing alright.

With all these dope producers it there any joint that really stands out to you, or means something special?

“On the Come Through” I like real well, I like “Who you Rolling With” and I like the J-Zone joint “X is A Machine”.

On this album you have some up and comers such as Big Meg.  Do you see yourself laying down the mic anytime soon and just being a mentor?

Not really, I’m just doing it.  Rap is a new entity in music it’s only 40 years old.  I don’t know when I’ll be finished.  As long somebody tells me it sounds good and I think it sounds good, we are going to keep it moving.

So is anybody signed to Riverside Drive right?

That is just Peter (of Female Fun) and my joint venture, we are coming out with “Black October” and then we will take it from there.

I interviewed Jamar when his album dropped and we chatted about a new Brand Nubian project with no set date, anything finalized about that as of right now?

We have talked about doing it, but still nothing is finalized as of now.

I hope everything works out coming up for you, anything more you want to say?

Everything that I talk about is something I have gone through.  Everything you hear from me talk about I know first hand, you will never hear a second hand, word of mouth from me.  Anything that I talked about on the album, I had some type of dealing with.   This album was done for the people.

  Mixtape D.L.
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