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6 March, 2007@12:00 am

With all the press, positive and negative about DJ Drama and the mixtape situation, we thought we would snag one of the premier mixtape DJs in the game to talk about his views on the situation as well as his new album with Little Brother.  Mick Boogie hailing from Cleveland, Ohio is much more than just your average DJ.  He has carved a niche with his mixtape series, does parties for one of the nation’s best NBA players, DJs for an NBA franchise and still has time to give back to hip-hop.  “And Justus For All” dropped February 13th for free download and could very well set the new standard for mixtapes.  I got a chance to holla at Mick about the mixtape/album recently and believe me, if you don’t know who Mick Boogie is, it’s time to recognize.

HHS: What’s the word man?

Mick Boogie: Chillin, sir.  It’s a blizzard here in Cleveland right now, so I’m just trying to stay warm.  Lol.

Before we talk about “And Justus For All”, introduce yourself for the people?

Mick Boogie aka the Commissioner of The League.  I’ve done a lot of projects for various artists, both underground and commercial.  I DJ for the Cavs (NBA Team) and do a lot of stuff for Lebron James (Star NBA Player) as well.  I also do a lot of parties/events around the country, so promoters out there, feel free to holla.

You have been doing the mixtape thing for a while now, what mixtape would you say really put you on the map?

Probably the Gods Gift joint, we paired up Nas and Jay-Z really creatively.  LRG also had me do a joint for them with Kanye that was dope.

How do you set yourself apart from the plethora of mixtape DJs, skilled and non-skilled out there?

My projects whether they are super creative or not, all have some element of creativity in them.  That helps them transcend between both worlds, i.e.  street tapes and traditional standard hip-hop fare.   Plus, I think my projects have a great flow.  The track listing is logical.  It’s not just the hottest 3 songs first.

We know you are close to Drama and Aphilliates, do you feel Drama and Don Cannon had actually done something wrong or is this just a jab at the DJ community from the RIAA?

Nah, they just did what the industry paid them and many others to do.  Promote their artists.   I definitely feel it’s a misunderstanding and they will be vindicated soon.

Lil Wayne has done tapes with you and Drama, what are you thoughts on him turning his back on Drama in his time of need?

I’m a big Wayne fan…he is one of the best rappers…hands down…but I’m still trying to figure that comment out, along with the rest of the world.

Do you think that the mixtape community as a whole will be changing for good because of the Drama situation, or is this just a bump in the road?

Definitely, I think the RIAA will see the power and benefit of mixtapes.  I also think some formal rules will be established.  And in the end, it’ll be a win win for everyone.

“And Justus For All” dropped February 13th for free download.   I’m sure you have given away thousands of mixtapes for free, but why is this one so special?

Because we have been working on it for so long.  Me, Phonte and Pooh have probably sent thousands of emails and texts back and forth making this perfect.  And now we are excited to unleash it on the world. I think it’s the album of the year.

Will you be able to purchase the CD with full cover art sometime in the future?

Not to my knowledge. (Interviewer Note:  You can download the mixtape for free  @,,

We know the album is chalked full of guests, from Kweli to Justus Leaguers Legacy and Joe Scudda, but how did Mick Boogie put his tag on this tape?

I helped choose some of the beats.  I lined up and coordinated most of the features, like Kweli, Kardinal, Bishop Lamont and Ray Cash.   I basically did the A&R thing.   Then of course, its sequenced and mixed in standard Mick Boogie style.

Do you have plans to do this type of tape with any other artists, if so who? And when?

A lot of people have been hollering.  I Might do something like this with Ray Cash or maybe with Naledge (of Kidz in the Hall).   I also talked to Young Chris the other day about doing something.   We shall see.

You have conquered the mixtape world coming from Cleveland, OH.  What advice do you have for DJs from smaller markets?

Network network network.  Travel travel travel.  Find a niche.   Develop your skills.  And learn to market yourself.  Marketing is as important, if not more so, than DJ skills. With both those gifts you will win.

There are rumors you are in talks about maybe doing an album deal, can you shed any light on that situation just yet?

No sir…soon tho.  We shall see.

Last Words from Mick Boogie?

Shout out to the League Crew, our producers The Kickdrums, my Dreamlife and Cleveland Cavalier people, of course Little Brother,  and everyone who has supported my projects over the years.  And also!   In my past life as a college radio DJ, sites like helped keep my show flavorful.    So congrats on still going strong after all these years.

  Mixtape D.L.
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