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5 September, 2007@1:38 am

What began as a simple compilation project, took an awkward turn after the loss of J Dilla. With Waajeed and the Bling 47 collective decidedly moving in a direction more reflective of the state of current affairs, the compilation turned into an LP aptly titled War. With Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers holding down the production for the most part (with some sprinkles of the late J Dilla in between), The War LP isn’t looking to call upon the golden era of Hip-Hop, nor express on where Hip-Hop is going. Instead it sets its sights on blowing up the concept of Hip-Hop and take it to another level altogether.

Waajeed and his productive brilliance is on full display here. Mixing a plethora of songs and instrumentals to create an organized cluster of an album that is so gritty and polished at the same time that it mindfucks the listener into euphoria.

With ultra smooth offerings such as Tiombe Lockheart’s “O Bloody Days, O Starry Night” providing a dynamic groove behind Lockheart’s vocals, War provides a much needed lift to the staleness of the industry today. The smattering drums of the “W-A-A-J-E-E-D” instrumental are beautifully layered across some blaring horns and a crisp vocal sample.

While the guest list consists of mostly Detroit’s upcoming artists, it really doesn’t matter if you have heard of them or not. The end result is still an enjoyable piece of work that melts together wonderfully. The sheer viciousness of femme fatale Invincible on “Pick Your Poison” and “Place Where We Dwell” is eyebrow raising to say the least. Her sharp delivery fits well with Waajeed’s sonic backdrops.

The War LP is quite a beautiful attack on your eardrums. Unfortunately, offerings such as these are too ahead of their time for mainstream radio. It’s likely there won’t be any Waajeed on your radio or television in the near future. But that’s okay, sometimes offerings like these are better kept to yourself. – Andreas Hale

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