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5 August, 2009@7:53 am

If you’ve stepped into the club anytime over the last year, surely you’ve heard the sounds of LMFAO, you may just not realize it yet. They’ve turned songs like Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”, Fergie’s “Clumsy”, and Katy Perry’s “Hot & Cold” into certified club-bangers with their unique fusion of electro house beats and blissfully ignorant 2 Live Crew inspired lyrics. But they are most famous for their summer anthem, “I’m In Miami Bitch”, which of course spawned several regional remixes for other cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and others.

But LMFAO are no strangers to the scene. Frontman Redfoo actually debuted during the late 90’s independent movement alongside partner Dre Kroon, with vinyl singles “Life Is A Game Of Chess” and “The Freshest” with Evidence and DJ Revolution. But as the music has progressed, so has Redfoo, completely reinventing himself as a hot-pink stretchy pants wearing party rocker, alongside new partner / twin-brother from another mother, Sky Blu.

The duo’s debut album, Party Rock, attempts to bring home the LMFAO club sound in a budget priced package, but unfortunately misses the mark. Much of the material included herein plays like a dated “greatest hits” package, as the group’s series of DJ supported singles (“Lil’ Hipster Girl”, “Yes”, “I’m In Miami Bitch” and “I Am Not A Whore”) are all included. The fact that songs like “I’m In Miami Bitch” have been remixed to death over the last year into even greater versions (see Kevin Scott’s DJ Chuckie mashup with “Let The Bass Kick”, for instance), leaves the originals sounding pale in comparison. While this series of tracks was great a year ago, the evidence of their progression over the last year couldn’t be more clear than on the Lil’ Jon featured “Shots”, which finds them in their prime. Unfortunately, this is the only song on the album in which the production quality rivals their high profile remix work as of late, for people like Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga.

Much of the “newer” (or at least, previously unreleased) material included fails to capture the audience like so many of their other hits. “La La La” is one of the group’s only more “down to earth” songs, an electric-blue flavored summertime love song that trades the aggression of “Shots” for something with a little more substance. Substance, however, is not the group’s aim, as songs like “Get Crazy” and “I Shake, I Move” pretty much go for the lowest common denominator – which in this biz either means mega-ringtone smash, or utter failure – there’s no middle ground.

All in all, LMFAO remain the hottest remixers in the club right now, and despite the disappointing end result that is Party Rock, it’s evident from their more recent recordings that they still have bright future ahead of them. Once that “Shots” video hits, they may literally find themselves on top of the world, so to speak. – D.T. Swinga

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