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In a recent interview with MTV, Memphis Bleek suggested that Jay-Z will never respond to the recent attacks by former Roc-A-Fella artist Beanie Sigel.

“My thing is, what’s the purpose?” Bleek told MTV. “You said all you had to say. You said you wasn’t gonna say no more until Jay called you. He ain’t call. Everything you said ain’t adding up. It becomes a point, what are you doing it for? Are you doing it to get you a deal? Are you doing it to get you hot, doing it to get you back on the radio? That’s all I wanna know. Anybody knows if you come at Hov, you’re not stopping his movement. C’mon, it’s stupid. We been there before. We seen this movie. I hate to elaborate on it, because it’s like I’m breathing life on a situation that really don’t need no life to it.”

In other news, Bleek, while no longer on Roc-A-Fella, will release his next record on his own imprint, Get Low, and will still continue to tour with Jay-Z. The new album is titled The Process, and will include at least two tracks from Just Blaze.

“He was telling me he was doing this Roc Nation thing. He was trying to start a whole new venture, new label, new brand — a whole new everything. I was like, ‘Damn. What’s next for me?’ He was like, ‘Whatever you wanna do.’ After a little bit of thinking, I came to a decision: ‘It’s time for [my company] Get Lo to breathe. I can’t be under that umbrella forever.’ The conversation was more or less mutual,” he told the network.

[Source: MTV]

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