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Today sees the release of two major major-label releases, from Gorillaz with “Plastic Beach” and Ludacris with “Battle of The Sexes”…. Both releases are available everywhere, but the question is, who has the best deal on each album? Let’s take a look.

As far as Gorillaz “Plastic Beach” is concerned, it’s available in FIVE different versions. Some intrepid Wikipedia editor decided to *make a chart* displaying all of the bonus content available for the release and it’s respective versions, which you can see here. Click to enlarge:

If getting the most music is what you are interested in, then the best choice is Itunes, which includes two bonus tracks, “Pirate’s Progress” and “Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons”, as well as the HD video and assorted multimedia content, for $12.99. If you want fancy packaging and don’t mind paying at least $20, grab either “Experience Editions” CD+DVD combos  from the U.S. or Japan. Depending on where you are located, both of which include lyric books, but the U.S.’s is only partial. In this case, the Japanese take a victory over the U.S., also getting stickers, a poster, and one of the bonus tracks. But you’ll pay through the nose for the import. If you are going for price, your cheapest option is Amazon, with the bare bones single edition for $9.99.

Onto Ludacris’s Battle Of The Sexes….Itunes has a “Deluxe Version” with bonus tracks “How Low (Remix)” and “Rollercoaster”, plus two HD videos for “How Low” and “My Chick Bad” for $12.99. If you want a physical CD without bonus tracks, both Amazon and Target offer it for $9.98.  Or get an edited version at Wal-Mart for two dollars more. Yes, really.

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