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22 April, 2010@6:29 pm

The Grouch speaks on the release of his new track, “Weight Of The World” taken from his forthcoming LP, Three Eyes Off The Time. He felt the urgency to release it now, with Guru’s passing, as it incorporates lines from “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight”. He writes:

Guru from Gang Starr passed today. It’s also 4/20 so people are saying things like “Take two and pass” on Twitter and other internet outlets today. Sometimes I get feeling that that behavior is mainly to be cute or the first to report. All of a sudden Gang Starr is a bunch of peoples favorite group etc. That’ll last until maybe this evening. It saddens me to think about how folks have to die these days to be a current topic or “#trendingtopic” of conversation and get a little love (I believe that’s what all of us are really searching for.)

I realize that there’s so much going on in our fast worlds that it’s almost impossible to even remember many of the past contributions to our culture and to speak on them currently. Something about how death is dealt with on the internet just doesn’t feel right to me though. Hopefully situations like these can teach us to show appreciation to people we love and respect before it’s too late.

I know there are a select few who really understand how great and influential the group Gangstarr was/is and always held love & respect for the man Guru. I guess that’s all any of us can hope for. I grew up listening to a lot of Gangstarr and Guru was always an mc I admired. I’m genuinely saddened by his passing, he definitely had a positive influence on me and my peers. I recently released this song about the current state of the world, it was inspired by one of Guru’s lines off of “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight “.

I’m not posting the song “just to get a rep” for myself but I believe that the timing is ironic as I was planning to drop it within the next couple of days anyway. I think the subject matter is appropriate for this situation as well as countless others we are presently dealing with. R.I.P. Guru

The Grouch – “Weight Of The World” (MP3)

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