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30 June, 2010@2:09 am
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HHS: So what have you two been up to?

Moss – Just getting the record ready, doing a lot of promo work, etc.
Eternia. Promo. I wear a lot of hats, so I’ve been doing a lot of promo with my business partner Sav One and doing shows here and there. I spend the majority of time doing that.

HHS: You probably spend more time promoting than in the studio nowadays, right?

Eternia. I can’t remember the last time I was in a studio.

HHS: The lead single “The BBQ” dropped. How was working with heavy hitters like Rah Digga and Rage?

Moss –The chance to work with them was good, with them being established artists. It felt good.

Eternia – It was a highlight of my life.

HHS: Do you feel that you have to hold yourself up to a higher standard as a female emcee? Or does that not even matter anymore?

Eternia– I try not to really focus on that. I just hope you can listen and relate. I hold myself up as an emcee period.

HHS: Is it tough being a Canadian artist and breaking in the US market? Or is that all over and done with?

Moss – It’s actually always been a concern for me. I didn’t really think about it until I came to the US. I played ball here and that’s when I started recognizing the differences between the US and Canada. So to break into a place, you have to have an artist that people can relate to. Drake is kind of doing that now. It’s actually not that bad when you’re a producer because people don’t really notice or care. Producers are accepted faster. But there have been times when we definitely didn’t have the same opportunities because we are Canadian.

Eternia: You just have to plant the seeds. Do the rounds, hit the internet and form a firm home base and build some strong support.

HHS: When I listened to the album, I was surprised by how personal you [Eternia] got and how much you put yourself out there. Is that tough thing to do? To put your heart out and get personal on a record like that?

Eternia – My music before has been personal, so people expect that of me. The album mimics the live show and I hit you with things that matter.

HHS: The track “To The Future” was pretty personal. How about that?

Eternia: It was a joy to make and was my therapy. It was very important to me.

HHS: Any last words?

Moss- I want people to give the album a chance. My biggest goal is have people hear it. I’d rather people hear it and hate it than for no one to hear it at all.

Eternia – We wanted it to be a hate it or love it record, no in between. The best promotion is the [actual] album. So just give it a listen.

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