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There aren’t many hip hop albums this year that opened on a better note than Super Chron Flight Bros.’ Cape Verde, which starts off with “Reggie Miller”. Usually thought of as a closer, the first song off of their new LP is a great distillation of their sound. It’s got a laidback, NYC vibe and, if you can believe it, more stoned out flow than MF Doom with a similar style that celebrates cartoon sound bites, snacks and weed. That being said they can flow.

Following up “Reggie Miller” they cover nearly every beloved snack in “Golden Grams” which somehow also doubles as slight social commentary. One of the most unique things about this album is the warmness of the samples. When every production seems to be either based off live music, overdone digital studio productions or deep dark grime trying to rip off 1996 Wu-Tang, Super Chron come with an album that has lots of unique sounds.

That being said the album isn’t without missteps, “Good Coutry People” deviates from their standard and doesn’t sound like them and they struggle to be cohesive with the beat. But they bounce right back with “Travailler,” using what sounds like a doo-wop sample, contrasting it’s bright singing with some of their hardest rhymes. On “42nd Street” they pull a Jay-Z (as heard on “Roc Boys) and rap over a Menahan Street Band cut with great affect. It’s a perfectly grimy sample that that actually sounds better with them on it than by itself.

What really makes Super Chron fun to listen to is their sense of humor. They’re not a joke band, but on “No Spin Zone” they turn the uplifting beat into a screed against idiotic newscasters, eventually shouting out Colbert. Some choice lines include: “Before you guys embark on 12 mile ride/to Wolf Blizers cave/where he prepares to dine, on the souls of the villagers he caught last night.”

On “Unsolved Mysteries” they pulled in Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox, who doesn’t murder them on their own shit, as he’s a little too intense for their sound. The album slowly trails off with 20 tracks, and its not a surprise in an era where Kanye, Jay-Z and Rick Ross won’t put out an album with more than 13. While the abundance of material weighs the album down, at least half it can compete with anything out there right now.

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