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Closing London’s Paralympics this week, Jay-Z and Rihanna join Coldplay for a live performance, which not only included their hit single, “Run This Town”, but also a new rendition of Coldplay’s “Paradise”, with a new verse from Jay-Z, before an audience of 8000 fans.

Jay spoke on the verse on his own Life + Times website, “decoding” the lyrics with his own commentary in brackets:

“The thought behind the verse is, anyone with a disability, just wants a sense of normality — that’s why they’re competing in these games,” he said. “That was the idea to make the verse as inclusive for as many people, and to make it as normal as possible. It’s influenced by so many different things. There are parts that are influenced by Gabby Douglas, there are parts that are influenced by Ryan Lochte, and by Serena Williams.”

He also posted his part in full, with commentary in brackets:

I deserve a gold medal, get on my level/
I deserve platinum plaques, to match my bezel/
I walk around with five rings ["five rings" being the Olympic Rings], so pimpish/
Welcome to the Paralympics/
It’s paradise, this is the story of Gabby/
It’s paradise, it’s paradise/
Tears in her eyes, she sacrificed, he sacrificed, she paid the price/
This is everything, everything she ever dreamed/
She had nightmares she wouldn’t be here, she made the team/
From the projects to the podium, accepting awards with my Rollie on/
Gettin’ Gold medals with my grill in [Ryan Lochte, obviously]/
C-walking, cause all they see is a villain [Serena, obviously]/
More belts than Phelps, Merry Christmas, my presence is felt/
Gold medals around my throat/
You can take everything, except the hope of reaching paradise.

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