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Zilla Rocca started this florid set-up last summer with the “Full
Spectrum” video, filmed on Super 8 film on location in Asbury Park,
NJ, funded exclusively by Kickstarter with a gaudy appearance from his
Wrecking Crew comrade Has-Lo of Mello Music Group.

This summer, Zilla Rocca grabbed Open Mike Eagle while he was on tour
in Philly with Random aka MegaRan, reunited him with Has-Lo after
their west coast Desert Vypers Tour (which yielded the “Backpack Past”
video) threw him in a South Philly backyard where he discovered
Yuengling for the first time, and let the chromatic camera roll.

Thus you have the video for “Full Spectrum 2″ featuring Has-Lo & Open
Mike Eagle, directed by Curly Castro, Pat Murray, and Dewey Decibel
(who drew the title card above and housed the filming in his personal
painting workshop). Passion of the Weiss declared it “one of the most
joyous clips any of these three have released.”

“Full Spectrum 2″ is available on the Full Spectrum EP, an easy how-to
guide for this tinted rendezvous. Compiling five versions of “Full
Spectrum” and the sequel with production from Man Mantis (who just got
off tour with Sole), L’Orange of Old Soul fame, and Dr. Quandary (who
kept his hand busy with the beats and the artwork above).

Throw in Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle for the Wrecking Crew vs. Hellfyre
Club rap aspect and you’ve got yourself a pretty snappy 5 song
situation. You can download it for free at Bandcamp this week only,
and then it moves up to the big leagues at iTunes.

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