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Ice Cube’s new single/video, “Everything’s Corrupt”, has the vibe of a 90′s Public Enemy video, with lots of disturbing news footage. It’s directed by T.S. Pfeffer + Robert McHugh, and works as the title track to his next album, featuring Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello on backup guitar.

Cube spoke about the clip, and shared his thoughts on the presidental election with Rolling Stone.

“He just reminds me of somebody who’s trying to sell me a Mercedes Benz,” said Cube of Mitt Romney, who is featured prominently in the video for “Everything’s Corrupt”. “He’ll tell me that it looks good on me and this is my color and I can afford it and everything, just to get the sale. It’s astonishing that people are buying into that at the rate they are.”

He also spoke on President Obama, praising his work despite “a do-nothing Congress and the Party of No,” and says if he is re-elected, he hopes Obama will focus on creating jobs and abolishing poverty.

“We have to deal with that,” he said. “We’re never gonna give what we need to give as a country if some of our citizens are lower than Third World.”

“When it comes to political hip-hop, it’s like beauty – it’s in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you get out of this song is intended,” said Cube.

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