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Yesterday, Talib Kweli performed Get By in our Sway in the Morning In-Studio Concert Series (watch here). Just as promised, today this rapper drops knowledge in a conversation about hip-hop and representing ourselves.

We’re all familiar with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s recent loss in their endorsements because of certain lyrics. Talib weighed in saying…

“I feel, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross should get money.” Telling the Shade 45 crew. “I was disappointed when they got dropped. I wish they would have came with stronger apologies sooner and kept they money. I wanted them to keep their money. I don’t wanna see no black man lose nothing.”

He goes on to elaborate why these two rappers are indeed hip-hop and explains why companies seek them to begin with.

“You can’t say these artists aint hip hop. On the outside looking in, these men have dedicated they lives to their music. Whether, you like their output or not, they represnet hip hop for millions of people, and that can’t be fronted on. That’s why companies go to them.”
Watch his insightful interview above. Come back to tomorrow for even more Talib on Sway in the Morning.

“MC is a master of ceremony, with out the ceremony there’s nothing to master.”

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