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Here is the cover art for 7 Days of Funk, drawn by Lawrence Hubbard of Real Deal Comix. Real Deal is a title Hubbard started drawing in the late 80’s when Los Angeles was in the wake of the L.A. Riots. Real Deal was the only Black, independently self-published and distributed magazine of the time, with only 6 issues from 1989 to 2001. It was as underground as it gets: crudely drawn, extremely violent, hysterically funny and completely free of super heroes and political correctness.

An early demo of 7 Days of Funk’s “Hit Da Pavement” provided the soundtrack for a short video about Lawrence Hubbard and Real Deal, created last year by clothing brand Stussy.

7 Days of Funk is a collaboration between Dam-Funk and Snoopzilla (the legendary Snoop Dogg). The album is set for release December 10, 2013 on Stones Throw Records. The new group, 7 Days of Funk, is a result of the two artists bonding over the love of Funk.

The King of Modern Funk meets the smoked-out Scion of G-Funk on the 7 Days of Funk album, where Snoop performs under the name Snoopzilla, the homage to the legendary funk master, Bootsy Collins, who often went by the moniker Bootzilla. After an initial chance meeting two years ago, Dam and Snoop began to collaborate when Snoop invited Dam to perform with him at a 2011 SXSW show – the musical connection was inherent.

Aside from a guest spot from Daz and Kurupt and Steve Arrington, it’s just Snoopzilla and Dam jamming – melding loose toasts, vicious rhymes, Macadamia smooth singing and gorgeous chord progressions. As Snoopzilla says on “Faden Away,” “Me and Dam-Funk captured the funk.”

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