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   When J Rawls linked up with Declaime in Las Vegas, it almost became apparent that the two should work on a project together. Coupling Dudley’s spaced out rhymes with Rawls’ underappreciated, soulful production, could turn out to be the equivalent of a Vegas lounge show. So to those two, who spent a week together finding inspiration on the Las Vegas strip, it only made sense to create the alter egos- “Dank Sinatra” for Declaime and “Jammy Davis Jr” for Rawls - and hence, came up with It’s The Dank & Jammy Show.

    So what is this album all about? A trip down Dank & Jammy’s zooted out, memory lane.  It’s a well known fact that Declaime is a tad unconventional with his rhyme style.  So when J Rawls committed to the project, he know exactly what to provide from a production standpoint to make this pairing work.  Joints like “Love Light”, groove along as the listener can visualize Declaime holding a mic with a cigarette in his other hand as he croons his way across the jazzy fare. The title track is uber groovy with its smooth xylophones and even J Rawls chiming in a verse to contribute to the swaying production. The duo want a Grammy and don’t give a good gotdamn what you think about their work. It’s not to be taken too seriously, it just works because it is what it is.

    Elsewhere, Middle Child pops into the smokey interlude type track “Call Me”. Super smooth with its running key arrangement, it appears that Middle Child is phoning in to Declaime as the two just vibe back and forth. Once again, not something serious or full of substance but lounge music nonetheless. Things get a little more substance oriented when Ohio native, Piakhan delivers a show stealing verse on “Last Lash Out”, where he lashes out at some unnamed people.

    Everything on It’s The Dank & Jammy Show is to be taken lightly. While Declaime scoots on by as usual, J Rawls compliments him perfectly with solid yet perfectly fitting production. If you are looking for something a bit more hard hitting, perhaps look elsewhere. But if you are cruising along on a sunny day and just need some good ass music to hold you down, get this damn album. You’ll enjoy it!

  Mixtape D.L.
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