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BoB AKA Bobby Ray sat down with Nick Huff Barili at SXSW for an exclusive Hard Knock TV interview. BoB calls his new album Strange Clouds a more mature album and says he has produced a lot of it along with Jim Jonsin and Dr Luke. TI not only lent his support to the project but he also has started working with BoB on a collaboration project titled The Man and The Martian, which BoB says will come out after both of their solo projects. Dual identity is brought up by Nick, as both BoB (BoB vs Bobby Ray) and TI (Ti vs TIP) have titled their projects as one identity VS the other. As the interview moves a long Nick asks Bobby Ray about the experience of working with Andre 3000, which BoB explains, had been in the works for a while. Before we let BoB go we had to ask him about songs like Beast Mode and Bet I and if he feels like he has to prove to fans that he can still rap with the best of them.

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