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Wyclef Jean spoke about the work ethic for success, what he calls the 16-17 year grind.

“We went from the hut to the projects to the mansions, so we say you don’t have no excuse, whatever you want to be you can do it, we tell people it don’t happen overnight, the struggle is real, wether if you see me, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Wayne, there’s really no escape this is like a 16-17 year grind for everybody that you see, so you plan to be in the business make sure that you’re not trying to get it overnight because it’s not going to happen and get ready for that 16-17 year grind.”

He went on to discuss his passion for literature & exclusively announced his upcoming book called ‘Purpose’,

“There’s no way you can have my brain of thoughts and don’t read, it plays a part of life, I like books more than I liked school, favorite book is ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’. I always encourage people to read the Bible, read the Quran, make the choice for yourself, I grew up Christian, but half of my friends are Muslim, we have to find some kind of unity.”

“Actually my first book is coming out, there’s several books, first book’s coming out in September, y’all actually got the exclusive right now, my agent might be pissed off, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be saying it. My first book’s called ‘Purpose’, because that’s the first thing I did, I had to find my Purpose, and that what a lot of us go through, there’s kids watching this right now grinding and they’re getting hated on, so they be like what’s their purpose. The first book is ‘Purpose’, its like a biography of Wyclef Jean. ”

He said he hasn’t spoke to Lauryn Hill in a long time, but that he was on the phone with Pras prior to the interview,

“I ain’t speak to Lauryn, it’s been a minute, I heard about the little drama she got in the news, wishing her better on that. I was on the phone with Pras earlier, and it’s all good man, nothing but love for the Fugees, one hundred.”

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