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Billy Danze of legendary Brownsville hip-hop duo M.O.P. recently sat down with VladTV to discuss the current state of the group and hip-hop in general. During the interview, Danze revealed some new details on the upcoming M.O.P. EP, including the involvement of iconic producer DJ Premier. “The new project is titled Street Certified,” Danze said. “Just to kind of bring it back to where we feel like Hip Hop is supposed to be. Got production on there by Fame, Premier is executive producing it. We’re going to put it out as an EP on Halloween day, just to get people warmed up for the next to come, which will be the actual album.”

Danzini also offered his thoughts on the current hip-hop scene. “Herc and Bam and all of those cats from the Bronx that created this thing, I don’t think they meant for it to be stuck right there in the Bronx and not branch out,” he explains. “I think we need everything that’s going on, so we can have this wide variety of Hip Hop. There’s cats like yourself and myself and other cats that actually come from poverty-stricken areas of these urban communities and we didn’t have the chance to do anything. So now, the same kind of cats that we were or that we hung out with are now multi-millionaires. I love this Hip Hop. I love the way it’s going and I think it should keep growing.”

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